Three Reasons To Pursue A Job In Crane Operation

November 9, 2021

Changing career paths can be a big decision, especially if you’re uncertain of what you want to do or have no idea whether or not you will find success. Operating a crane is a trade that can lead to a productive career, plenty of money and opportunities, and an experience that never stops growing.

A crane operator requires great hand work and awareness and a great sense of depth perception. These are a couple simple traits that you can learn if you don’t have them already. The duties of a crane operator include sensing load weight, operating crane controls, using mental math to maneuver and place loads, communicate with others, and more.

You can start a new trade by enlisting in crane certification. Pay the one-time crane certification cost so you can get your foot in the door in an exciting new venture. You can learn how to control a crane and be ready for the workforce within a month.

With this in mind, here are three reasons to work as a crane operator.

Construction Is an Evolving Field

There is a growing shortage of construction workers in general. This is due to a large percentage of workers from the baby boomer era hanging up their boots and calling it a long, productive career. Because jobs in construction are plentiful and the supply is currently low, you’re sure to have plenty of job security after you complete adequate training.

In the construction industry, there is always a need for buildings to be built, remodeled, and demolished, meaning there are plenty of avenues for you to find work and learn new skills along the way, especially for crane operators.

Cranes are Assets to Construction

When it comes to construction projects, every team always needs somebody that can work a crane. As you’re tasked to operate one, you’ll also be part of some of the best construction tasks in projects. With cranes, you’ll be doing the heavy lifting by carrying, placing, and positioning heavy objects, and from time to time, you’ll level old buildings with the wrecking ball.

Many places such as railways, ports, and industrial sites need the jobs of a crane on occasion, and only a crane operator has the skills and knowledge to do these jobs well. With these credentials, you can go places and do tasks that not many other construction workers get to do. It’s a very rewarding job where each project, location, and set of goals are different.

Wages are Competitive

You’re certain to earn a good, livable wage for operating a crane, with the pay trajectory to only increase year-by-year. This is thanks to the high demand for skilled workers and the low supply for them currently.

New crane operators can start out at around $50,000 per year, with experienced operators getting promoted and raised to the $80,000 range as the years go by. During these periods of time, the responsibilities will start to grow but you’ll also be able to teach new workers what you’ve learned over the years.


Workers who are looking to learn new trades or change careers should consider becoming crane operators. Operators can get certification in a short amount of time and be ready for the workforce just as fast. These workers are high in demand for most construction projects and get paid well, with an increase in wages over time. Crane workers also get exclusive assignments that most other construction workers don’t get to take part in, making the job more interesting.

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