Why a NCCCO Certification is Necessary for a Crane Operator

July 17, 2021

Lifting and unloading are the main tasks of any crane operator. It is important to be properly trained to do this job, which is the reason to look for the best crane operating school. The school will enable the enrolled students to prepare for NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) through regular training. Information about this certification is available online as well.

Training at Affordable Rates

The best crane training schools will be able to provide crane operation training at very affordable rates. Training programs from a top crane operating school are for both newbies and seasoned veterans and consistent pass rates are guaranteed at such schools. From time to time, special discounts are also available online.

One-on-One Training

Instructors at the best crane operating schools are available for providing one-on-one training for anyone. This is especially suitable for those students who require extra attention as compared to what can be done in class with others. Personalized attention for students helps them gain and retain information better for some people.

Programs are designed to accommodate individuals of all skill levels. The learning process is made as simple as possible, from the beginning till the end. Students are guaranteed that all the trainers are NCCCO Practical Examiners with extensive knowledge of the training program.  

Career Scope of a Crane Operator

Every crane operator’s job is a highly skilled one that is in heavy demand across industries, the main one being construction. Trained operators are easily employed by oil, electrical, and drilling construction companies. Not only is this a skilled job, but job security is also very high here. The course gives operators chances to work with some of the biggest names in the above mentioned industries, thereby building stupendous career growth stories.   


Every crane operator’s NCCCO certification is good to last for five years. However, the operators should start thinking about their recertification exams at the start of the fifth year. Programs to train such operators are also available at the best certification schools.

Eligibility to Get NCCO Certification

  • Minimum 18 Years of Age  
  • Complying with NCCCO’s Substance Abuse Policy 
  • Clearing the Written Examinations (Core and a minimum of one specialty) 
  • Clearing the Practical Examination(s) in twelve months of passing the written test
  • Complying with the NCCCO’s Code of Ethics 

Written and Practical Examinations

The written exam for NCCCO consists of a core examination in crane operation and four crane specialty examinations. Irrespective of the specialty, every candidate has to take the core examination. Specialty exams contain the following four sections:

  • Telescopic Boom Cranes—Fixed Cab (TSS)
  • Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes (LBC)
  • Telescopic Boom Cranes—Swing Cab (TLL)
  • Lattice Boom Truck Cranes (LBT)

Competencies in both the core and one or more specialties are necessary to qualify.

Practical examinations are held to test crane operation proficiency across three crane types:

  • Telescopic Boom Cranes—Swing Cab (TLL)
  • Telescopic Boom Cranes—Fixed Cab (TSS)
  • Lattice Boom Cranes (covering both LBC and LBT)

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