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Crane Operator Certification Options


Are you ready to take on the challenge of becoming a crane operator? If so, then Crane Training Academy is here for you. With our variety of courses and quality instructors, everyone will be able to succeed in this great career choice!

Crane Training Academy offers a one stop shop for your crane operator certification card. We process all your NCCCO applications as well as handle all administrative requirements, all you have to do is show up to class and we will walk you through the entire process. Our 3-day course will you prepare you for all of you NCCCO written tests as well as the NCCCO practical exam.

At Crane Training Academy, we offer a variety of mobile crane operator certification programs and prep classes guaranteed to help you get NCCCO certified. With the vast number of options available at any given time, there is one for every need from three-day courses that are perfect for those working in other fields or who want to work on their own schedule up through four-day intensive training camps which take place over an entire week with days running as early as 6am until 8pm.

Whether you are a seasoned crane veteran or completely new to the crane world, we have a turn-key program that will enable you to pass all your tests and receive your NCCCO certification of crane operators.

CCO Certification is a risk management tool that has been used by employers and insurance companies for years. Many organizations require CCO certification as part of the hiring process, which makes it easier to find qualified crane operators in these industries: steel erection, petrochemical, crane rental (construction), energy and general industry training (manufacturing) insurance. The IUOE also requires CCOs for their trainees!

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Crane Operation Re-certification

The NCCCO crane operator’s certification is good for 5 years. At the beginning of the 5th year, operators should start thinking about scheduling their re-certification exams. Crane Training Academy offers a program that will fully prepare a crane operator to maintain their certification without missing a step. Our program will bring you up to speed on the most current information required to perform excellent on your re-certification exams.

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(note: Those candidates re-certifying that have not accumulated 1000+ of crane related experience are required to retake the NCCCO practical exam)

Private Classes

For those organizations that have more than a few people needing certification of crane operators, we offer private classes. Crane Training Academy will bring our mobile crane operator certification course to your facility. We can set up a classroom for instruction and written tests in your break or training room. The practical exam test course will be delivered and set up around your crane and your employees will be able to take their practical exams on the crane they will be operating every day. This can be a very cost-effective way to certify multiple people, as it eliminates travel costs and reduces employees time away from work.

Crane operators are in high demand, but without the proper certification to operate one of these machines it is very difficult for an individual to find work. Failing OSHA & ASME regulations can result in legal trouble and potentially even fines. At our California Crane Training school we offer a variety of crane operator certifications with everything from two-day prep courses up through four day long programs that will help you get NCCCO certified so you don’t have any issues getting a job or being fined!

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