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Cranes are here to stay: An outlook at the rising construction industry


January 2, 2023

From the dawn of civilization, man has had the need to build in order to survive. That need is no less in demand today than in centuries past, and is in fact greater with the boom of factories, department stores, and office buildings. There is a high demand for construction workers and certified crane operators to help build these structures. This demand for operators will not decline anytime in the near future. We as Americans live in a culture that will find a way where there is not room, even if it means building up, over water or on land previously thought to be too rough to work. This drive helps construction workers with job security and paves the way for future generations to learn new trades and keep America growing.

The need for construction workers and skilled labor like NCCCO certified crane operators is in high demand, particularly in California, as the demand for property in cities across the state grows. This demand will create unlimited opportunities for construction professionals looking to further their career within an industry expected to grow steadily over the next several years. The same has been said for the Crane industry in general, as most of these construction projects would not be able to be completed without a certified operator to aid in the construction. Though there is a labor shortage at the moment it is important to stand out in the field of skilled labor workers with experience and by giving your resume the credentials offered by NCCCO and Crane Training Academy.

A crane training school will help you learn how to operate cranes safely and properly, leading to your success in construction and related industries for years to come. Crane courses can lead to higher pay and give you the skills you need to stay in demand, leading to job security. You will gain real world experience while learning the safety procedures needed to assure that you and your co workers will make it home safe at the end of the day, ensuring a future for all of America.